SECTION B: School Board Governance and Operation

Section B contains policies, regulations and exhibits on the school board – how it is elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings and how it operates. This section includes policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures as well as policies on board communications and policy adoption.

Policy Date Title
BBA 09/3/2002 School Board Powers and Duties
BCB 10/18/2022 Board Member Conduct/Conflict of Interest
BCB-E 09/03/2002 Code of Ethics for School Board Members
BDA 10/17/2007 Board Organizational Meeting
BDB 09/3/2002 Board Officers
BDD 09/3/2002 Board/Superintendent Relationships
BDF/BCF 07/11/2011 Advisory Committee
BDFB 02/18/1994 Vocational Advisory Council (and Vocational Program Advisory Committees)
BDFE 05/25/2021 Advisory Accountability Committees
BE 02/21/2023 School Board Meetings
BEC 10/18/2022 Executive Sessions/Open Meetings
BEDA 02/18/2020 Notification of Board Meetings
BEDBA 09/03/2002 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDG 04/17/2018 Minutes
BEDH 08/16/2022 Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDH-R 08/16/2022 Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEE 09/03/2002 Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings
BG 09/15/1987 Board Policy Development
BGA 1970's? Policy Development System
BGB 11/17/1992 Policy Adoption
BGB-R 11/17/1992 Policy Adoption (Waiver Requests)
BGC 09/15/1987 Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check
BGD 10/10/1972 Board Review of Regulations
BGF 10/10/1972 Suspension of Policies
BID/BIE 12/19/2023 Board Member Compensation and Expenses/Insurance