Energy Management

Find out which buildings in Colorado (and which schools in District 51) are ENERGY STAR labeled! Visit this map on ENERGY STAR's Web site for the most up-to-date list and view.


District 51 has entered into a program of energy management that looks at all aspects of a building's energy usage. Major building components, facility use, activity scheduling, and other items that impact the district's overall energy costs are analyzed in an effort to reduce our annual energy expenditures and improve our facilities.


• To reduce District 51's energy costs district-wide through conservation efforts, renewable energy systems such as solar, cooperative partnerships, and energy savings projects.

• Increase awareness and support district-wide.

• Reduce electric consumption district-wide.

• Track district-wide energy savings.

• Research future energy savings projects.

• Continue partnerships with local utility providers.

• Provide safe, comfortable learning and working environments for all of District 51's students, staff, and building users.

Colorado Energy Links:

Colorado Association of School District Energy Managers (CASDEM)

Colorado Governor's Energy Office

Telephone Number (970) 254-5100 ext. 11178
Fax Number (970) 242-8674
Address - ASC 2115 Grand Avenue

Grand Junction, CO 81501

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Eric Anderson

Resource Conservation Manager

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