Active D51 Subs

Active D51 Substitute Information

All District 51 substitutes will be required to work a minimum of 10 days per school year. If that minimum is not met by the end of the school year, the substitute will automatically be removed from the active substitute list, and will need to reapply during the next available hiring block.

Written Procedures Not a Contract or Commitment - Important Disclaimer

These procedures replace all previously noted policies, procedures, and handbooks. These procedures do not constitute an employment contract and cannot create an employment contract. These procedures also do not constitute an enforceable promise or commitment by District 51. District 51 reserves the right to alter or amend these procedures at any time with or without prior notice to individuals listed on District 51’s substitute list or to substitutes.

Employment as a substitute with District 51 is at-will employment. A substitute has the right to end his/her work relationship with District 51 with or without advance notification for any reason. Likewise, District 51 may terminate a substitute’s employment with or without advance notification for any reason. District 51 may also remove an individual from District 51’s substitute list at any time with or without advance notification for any reason. A substitute does not have a right to notification or a hearing prior to termination of employment. These procedures do not alter this at-will employment relationship or guarantee employment for any particular length of time.

Substitutes and individuals listed on District 51’s substitute list may not rely upon and do not have any rights under the Colorado Teacher Employment, Compensation, and Dismissal Act of 1990 as amended, under any Board of Education policy or under any collective bargaining agreement.

Any verbal statements made by a District 51 employee are not intended to constitute a contract of employment, either expressed or implied, and such statements are not a guarantee of employment for a specified duration. No representative of District 51, other than the Board of Education, has the authority to enter into an agreement of employment for any specified period and such agreement must be in writing, signed by the Secretary of the Board of Education and the employee.


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