Suicide Prevention In Our Schools

All of our students in grades 5-12 receive age-appropriate suicide prevention training.  We strive to maintain consistency across all of our schools; however, due to scheduling considerations and the individuality of each of our school communities there may be some variance in the type of program being offered and the time frame it is offered in.  Here is information on what each grade is getting and when:

5th grade: Lifelines - introduction to Mental Health and how to find a trusted adult - 3rd Quarter (January - March).

6th grade: Welcome to 6th grade: Mental Wellness Guide - 1st quarter (August - October)
7th grade:Signs of Suicide - 2nd or 3rd quarter(October - March)
8th grade: LifeLines - 3rd or 4th quarter (January - May)

9th grade: Welcome to 9th grade: Mental Wellness Guide - 1st quarter
10th grade:  Signs of Suicide - 3rd quarter
11th grade: Lifelines - Hope through stories - embedded in Personal Health & Wellness class
12th grade: Hope through the Pain, Mesa County Adulting Guide 2021

For more information on a specific program, please click on the hyperlink and you will be taken to that program's webpage, if available.  Information about the specific dates a program is being offered in a specific school can be found on the Suicide Prevention Community Training Calendar.  If you would like more information about any of our programs or trainings contact Suicide Prevention Specialist, Jennifer Daniels, [email protected], 970-254-5100 ext. 14148.