Equity and Migrant Education Program

Equity is the outcome of laws and policies that are designed to ensure fair treatment and access to resources and programs for all students.

The Equity Office exists to provide support, resources, technical assistance and consultation to all district staff, students, parents and community members with regard to educational equity, diversity and multicultural education. Activities are aimed at creating, advocating for, and supporting programs, structures, practices and opportunities that result in a dynamic learning environment for all students. Of particular concern are the learning needs of students who are under-represented in educational programs, who are not achieving, or who are not having positive learning/schooling experiences.

Activities offered:

  • Staff development
  • Intervention
  • Consultation
  • Referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Mediation
  • Translation/Interpretation

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Telephone Number (970) 254-5495
Fax Number
Address 596 North Westgate Drive

Grand Junction, CO 81505

Name Title Phone Number
Susana Wittrock Regional Migrant Program Director (970) 254-5494
Molly Greenlee Regional Migrant Program Coordinator (970) 254-5495
Hilda Gonzales Migrant Family Liaison (970) 254-5518
Steven Enos-Martinez Migrant Data Specialist (970) 254-5506
Corina Thayer Migrant Instructional Liaison (970) 254-6703
Nelly Garcia Olmos Migrant Recruiter (970) 254-5483
Gilberto Ramirez Migrant Recruiter (970) 254-5511
Andrea Robles Migrant Recruiter (970) 254-5116
Claudia Pacheco-Gonzalez Migrant Recruiter (970) 254-5511
Jesus Raffo District Translator/Interpreter (970)2 54-7552
Karla Marin District Translator/Interpreter (970) 254-7556
Consuelo Aranda-Salazar District Translator/Interpreter (970) 254-7554