Annual Report

Annual Report 

Each year, school districts in Colorado are required to report school performance to the community. Because this required information is available on the Colorado Department of Education's website, districts are no longer required to produce an individual annual report to the public.

Instructions on accessing school and district performance are available below. If you do not have access to the Internet or would prefer to receive a hard copy please contact Curry Newton, Director of Assessment.

Access School/District Performance Information by 
clicking here. The D51 Director of Assessment at 254-4901 or [email protected]

You can search for a District or School near the top right corner of the webpage.  

~ On the District or School page, you can find frameworks from several years
back. Frameworks show how the district or schools perform on state-required
assessments. (CMAS, PSAT, and SAT).
~ District and School Unified Improvement Plans (UIP) are posted.  The UIP is the plan and action steps organizations are putting into place for continuous improvement. 

~ To find data broken down by student groups, there are dashboards under the Explore More section. 

For our District Overview, click here.